How about your country traditional wedding ceremony?

In Japan, Style of traditional wedding ceremony is said that “Shinto-Style”, and it will be taken place at Shinto Shrine
The bride will wear a Kimono called “Shiromuku-all in white” that all of parts are unified in white .This is considered to be the most prestigious in bridal dress.


Moreover, combining the “Shiromuku-all in white” with a “silk hat” like a veil is a special bridal dress allowed only in the time of the wedding.
At the reception after the ceremony is finished, bride changes quickly the colorful kimono to a gorgeous haori (a Japanese formal coat)
The groom will wear a crested haori hakama (Hakama: Japanese skirt for formal wear)
The “fingerprint” like a mark of each family, It is transmitted from generation to generation, one of the important identities of Japanese.
In Japan, When you visit a Shinto Shrine, you can see the wedding ceremony if you are lucky.
These days, There is also the Shrine to organize “The Shito -Style” even for foreigners.

“iro-uchikake” is colorful and beautiful.

If you see the ceremony, you will be happy!