Bonsai is to pot plants, and enjoy watching the shape of a tree, the figure of leaves, and the quality of a tree, and its whole.
People try to reproduce the reduced scale and the shape of big trees outside on a pot, and enjoy competing to make it similar to the scenery of the nature outside by using several technics like stabilizing and bending branches with wires or placing roots on a rock. Another attraction is that trees are alive so there never can be no complete forms and they always in the condition of changing.


We value the personality and move of the trees who try to fight for living in the severe nature atmosphere like extending branches to the sunshine to require lights.
Therefore, it is regarded that the natural form as itself is beautiful, and it is not regarded as beautiful if the trees are corrected by man power.

The age of excellent trees are over 300 years old, and we are surprised to see the vitality of such trees.
Moreover, you feel the higher value when you think of the hardship of people who have grown the trees and inherited the tradition.fujibonsai

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