In Japan the vending machines which are often referred to as “Gacha-Gacha” or “Gachapon” are very popular among wide range of people, children and adults, men and women.

These machines dispense what are collectively called “capsule toys”.
These capsules about ten centimeters in diameter include a toy. To get these toys all you have to do is get in some coins and then you can turn the lever. Right after that a capsule with a toy comes out from the lower part of the machine.

Inside these toy capsules, you can get wide variety of merchandises such as toys related to popular animation characters, items related to idol stars, key holders with the themes of animals and foods or miniature figures. The prices range from 100 yen to 500 yen depending on the types of toy capsule dispensers.
The same capsule dispenser might have different sorts of “prize toys” so it motivates gacha fans to repeatedly put coins into the machine to collect the all the prize toys.
To complete all the collection, however, is not that easy because you may end up having the same items.

You can find these dispensers everywhere in Japan particularly at the supermarkets or video game arcades.
If you want to get the favorite capsuled item, put a coin, turn the lever and wish good luck!


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