“Kawaii” is well known for the recent Japanese culture.
“Kawaii” has the meaning close to “cute”.
Especially as a fashion led by mainly young women, people wearing pop and colourful clothes with playful accessaries and bags and enjoying the fashion or the style of expressing themselves are increasing.
Artist Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is one of them as well and she is the representative of Japanese “Kawaii” culture and send it for the world.
The eccentric fashion is popular with a part of young people but “Kawaii” is a compliment for Japanese and it is also used to lubricate conversation.
Kawaii is the word that makes people happy.
Japanese use it for a thing that makes them happy and for anticipation.

Girl of some of the Japanese are wearing a variety of hair ornaments in hair.

Cat, ear, ribbon are keywords of “Kawaii”.

Lolita is popular among some women of Japan from a little while ago.
Such as France doll, they will wear a dress with a lot of frills.

this is a lolita, too.

In recent years, POP colors of clothes is popular in “kawaii” culture.