Origami is the traditional Japanese art. It is process of folding colorful square sheets of paper into various kinds of shapes.
Almost all Japanese can make “crane”, because there has been a tradition to bring origami cranes when they pray for something or visit someone (who is ill, in many cases) in the past.
In addition Washi, Japanese style paper is sometimes used for origami. The technology of making washi is being registered as UNESCO World Heritage in the near future.
Other than that, there are people who make amazing quality origami arts that you can’t believe they are made of folded paper.

Japanese make “oriduru”.
We are often believed.
Thousand paper cranes is a us grant a wish.

Japanese style paper”Washi” is very amazing, beautiful pattern.

It is a state to make a Japanese paper.
For craftsmen make by hand, patterns and sense of sheer is different respectively.