Assorted Japanese  Hinamatsuri sweets

Wagashi (Japanese Sweets) are those made with a traditional Japanese method.
As they are served as the refreshments for the “tea ceremony” that was introduced the other day, their appearance are counted as a part of its beauty criteria.
Chosen are those of the season, or match to the kind of tea they drink.
They are truly an artistic piece of work that entertains with its taste and by sight.
Some of those recent kinds are of animal shapes and characters, which appears to be one of the roots of the Japanese “kawaii” culture.

There are varieties of kind which are colourful and cute-shaped, etc.

Even a doll can be made with the sweets.

Those craftsmen make all the sweets by handmade, and each piece is very detailed.

In the summer season, people tend to prefer those transparent sweets that bring cool sensation.